Lissly was founded in Stockholm, Sweden during the fall of 2010, by four visionaries who identified the need for a social media monitoring tool. They set out to create a tool, which could successfully find and collect all relevant information at the local market level. Sweden became the first market and Swedish the focal language.

The company is run by its owners and driven by an entrepreneurial vision of excellence and applicability. This vision consists of everyone – regardless of need – being able to take part in the spectacular digital world which is social media!

This is realized by offering a user-friendly, intuitive and playful tool, which can be used in the simplest of tasks to the most advanced analysis. All this at an affordable price without hidden costs or a concealed asterisk, and with a dedicated and client-oriented focus, which we never deviate from.

Our offices are located at Sturegatan 58 in central Stockholm – but our clients are spread all over Sweden. We proudly assist and interact with more than fifty customers, ranging from multinational entities to small mom and pop businesses, making sure that these organizations have a productive relationship to social media.

You and your organization are most welcome to contact us or just come by and visit. We would love to see you in person!